how to help girls build a strong self-esteem and how to help stressed out teens

Tips on how to help girls with positive body image

We covered two hot topics for parents on yesterday’s Fox 5 Ask the Moms. The first question was about how to help out a stressed out senior and the other was about how to help young girls establish a healthy body image.

In doing research on the subject of helping girls with their self esteem, I found a few great articles, including this one listing nine ways you can help build your daughter’s self esteem. Being a mom of two young daughters, this topic is particularly important to me right now, and the biggest point made by the therapist, Tracy Carson, in the segment below, and also in the article, is that the best way to help our girls’ self-esteem and positive body image is to have a healthy body image ourselves.

That point got me thinking about how much I talk about wanting/needing to get a Dailey Method class or not eating certain foods because they’re bad for me. I try never to use the words skinny or fat and I want to make sure I am not putting too much emphasis on the wrong things, but it’s certainly a challenge, considering weight is something is on my mind all of the time. I have another post brewing about how I tend to use self-deprecation as a form of humor, and this conversation has made be think about it even more. Stay tuned next week when I dissect the use of self-deprecation and how it can be both annoying and dangerous.

For now, watch the clips below to hear the great advice from both of my fellow panelists on the subject of girls self-esteem AND on how to help kids who are stressed out. The segments were interrupted by breaking news in San Diego which is why it’s in two parts.

Here is another post dealing with a similar subject on how to talk to your kids about healthy eating and dieting.


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