helping kids transition to grade school, getting into the entertainment industry, and technology for toddlers as seen on fox 5 san diego

Ask the Moms as seen on Fox 5 San Diego Morning News

On today’s Ask the Moms segment, we tackled three very diverse topics:

1) How to help a 1st grader who is having a hard time transitioning from Kindergarten.

2) Electronic, educational toys and gadgets for babies and toddlers (like these).

3) The pros and cons of getting kids into the entertainment industry (which I just blogged about yesterday since I knew this question was coming. You can read my post for more detailed tips).

If you have any burning parenting questions you are dying to ask, send your video question to mary [at] mamamaryshow [dot] com or tweet your question to me at @MamaMaryShow with the #AsktheMoms hashtag.



  1. 1
    Kate Bartels says:

    Wow! I loved poking around your blog today! You are humble…didn’t even mention when I saw you on the kinder playground that you were returning from a tv interview. :) It will be fun to check in on your blog in the future, especially when I’m looking for cleavage tips, which is always. Ha! (cute video bio by the way)

  2. 2
    Debra says:

    Super dejligt, jeg er ellers ikke meget for mogdanmer, plejer at skulle have lidt tid om morgenen til lige at st̴ op. Min morgenmad er typisk en kop kaffe n̴r jeg er kommet p̴ arbejde Рm̴ske er der en grund til at man g̴r og tager lidt p̴

  3. 3

    it’s crap. You are doing everything exactly right with respect to feeding. As L. becomes more active and grows taller, this may very well become a non-issue.I am glad to hear that you won’t restrict his portions and I hope you don’t let your pediatrician sway you. In fact, my unsolicited opinion is that you should find a new pediatrician, or at the very least, get a second opinion or consultation with a nutritionist.L. is fine. He is healthy. And you are a good mom who is doing all the right things by her kids.

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