kale mary’s healthy kale smoothie recipe

kale smoothie that kids will love from kale mary

Kale Mary is BACK with another fun kale recipe. This time it’s for a kale smoothie! Since the beginning of January, I have been starting every day with a smoothie in an effort to eat healthier (and shed the holiday lbs) and kale is one of my main ingredients.

I’ve been playing around with a lot of different recipes I’ve found online or that have been passed to me from my smoothie-drinking friends (primarily my cousin Kathy). Here is one that I have been making with regularity (and yes, that was a play on words):



healthy kale smoothie recipe that kids love by kale mary

  • Handful of kale
  • Handful of spinach leaves
  • Half an avocado
  • 1.5 cups mixed berries– frozen or non (I’ve been using blueberries, strawberries & raspberries)
  • Two scoops Honey Greek Yogurt (You can skip this if you want to go completely non-dairy, I just like the flavor and the protein)
  • Coconut milk (I use vanilla flavored but you can go plain)
  • Coconut water
  • Chia Seeds
  • Flax Oil

I have one of these in the morning and am satiated until noon (which never usually happens with me!). Sometimes my kids help me make it and then they like to have some too, so they are getting some of their daily dose of healthy goodness. Win-win!

What are some of your favorite kale smoothie ingredients?

And check out last week’s Kale Salad that Even Kids Will Eat.



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