american idol season 13 top 13 recap, predictions, and new voting procedures

American Idol Top 13 Season 13

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that it wasn’t until the first few minutes of the Top 13 performance night of American Idol Season 13 that I realized why they decided to go with a Top 13 instead of a Top 10 or 12. Apparently I should’ve taken over for Jimmy Fallon on the Late Show.

Anyway, as for the first real performance show of Season XIII, I was not overly impressed with the song choices or the performances. Again, I will chalk it up to nerves. Here is a break down of each performance.

Dexter Roberts–Not at all my normal style but I love this guy. He’s a natural on that stage and his mom has some big, rad hair.

Malaya Watson — I really want to like this girl because her energy and her spunk are out of this world, and I love how she owns that stage,  but personality can only go so far. The judges keep saying that she “can blow” but I’m not buying what they’re selling yet. She certainly had a lot of squeals from the audience, though, so maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t see the potential in Malaya.

Kristen O’ConnorBeautiful Disaster. Well, one of those words accurately describes her performance. I’ll let you decide which one.

Ben Riley–Is he wearing a leather ballcap? Well regardless, he rocked those Folsom Prison Blues and he could be a sleeper.

CJ Harris–Singing Radio by Hootie, I mean Darius Rucker. Seemed a little Karaoke bar to me, but this guy is darling and I’m pulling for him.

MK Nobilette–I want this girl to go far but not sure Satisfaction by Allen Stone was the right song choice. I loved her quote, “I love Single Ladies, it’s a good song.” Subtle humor, I like that.

Majesty Rose–I want this girl to win. Period.

Jena Irene–Well, I like Coldplay about as much as I like unicorns and cats so this was not the smartest song choice in my opinion, but I like this girl and she’s got some pipes.

Alex Preston–LOVE! His voice wasn’t the best tonight but I think he’s Top 4. I’m calling it. See below.

Jessica Meusse–This gal rocked it with her version of Crow & the Butterfly which I am not even familiar with but would buy tomorrow. She’s one of my faves. It’s the Janis Joplin thing.

Emily Piriz–This is a toughie for me because Glitter in the Air is one of my favorite songs. I listened to her sing it without watching her and I liked her rendition (though it didn’t touch P!nk’s version), but when I opened my eyes and watched her sing I was turned off completely because she had no idea the depth and emotion of the song, probably because she’s only 17 years old. “Where is the yang?” Keith Urban asked, and I concur.

Sam Woolf–Karoake. Bar. But he’s still cute and could do well. He needs more guidance. Randy, I’m looking at you.

Caleb Johnson–I can’t look at this guy without thinking of Meatloaf and his dashboard lights, yet he definitely has his own swagger and I look forward to seeing what he’s going to do each performance. I’m not familiar with the song he sang, Pressure in Time by a band I’ve never heard, but I think he did the best job of making a mark tonight.

The best thing about the night was J Lo’s make-up and the announcement of the new voting procedures. If you just search for American Idol on Google, a voting window opens up. You can click on any of the contestants and vote up to 50 times for however many of them you want to vote for.

Season 13 American Idol predictions and new voting procedures on GoogleAlso, the Google voting continues til 10am the following morning.

According to the votes I casted last night (as you can see by the image above), here are the four I hope make it to the finals.

American Idol Season 13 Predictions and voting

 Who are your faves this season?






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    I would put Jena or Jessica in place of your MK, and that would be my Top 4. I would love to see Alex win it all, mainly because he’s my favorite and the most unique to me. But Caleb or Majesty would be great, too. I adore Sam, but definitely think he’s slipping under the pressure. Finally – I’m getting a little tired of the “nerves” defense (the judges keep making it, too). HELLO, this is TOP 13. If they don’t have it figured out by now, I’m not sure when they will! “Underwhelmed” was totally my word for last night. (And, I actually said, “He reminds me of Meatloaf” to my TV when Caleb came on. Great minds.) ;)

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