sassy second graders, moody teenagers and plastic surgery for teens as seen on fox 5

Nothing like a freudian slip and mention of man boobs to make for a lively live TV news segment. On today’s Fox 5 News Ask the Moms video question segment, anchor Brad Wills, Dr. Melinda, Dr. Goldenhar and I discussed three very relevant parenting topics:

  • Plastic surgery during teen years
  • Moody teenage daughters
  • Sassy second graders

Amidst the provocative and enlightening conversation, something, possibly them mention of “male breasts” by Melinda, caused Brad to have the word “nudie” on the brain. Let’s just say I had to excercise great constraint in not cracking up during this segment.  But aside from the Freudian slip, the segment has some great info so check it out below.

how to deal with moody teenagers on fox 5 san diego



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    Mariana salerno says:

    Oh nooo he didn’t say teenage and nudie in same sentence, lol!!! Seriously though there were some great tips in this segment, good stuff!

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