valentine’s day cards can blow me, away

Are there any other moms out there feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed by all the Valentine’s Day craftiness happening? Well, I am. I am feeling like a big failure in the crafty department, at least I was, until my five year old and I am came up with a totally random, and probably not very cute Valentine’s Day card idea. Watch the video above to see what we came up with. 

Also, check out these crafty bitches bloggers who make me feel inferior, but I love them all the same:

Three Candy-Free Valentine’s Day Card Ideas via Rock on Mommies

DIY Dinosaur Printables by Simmworks Family Blog

DIY Valentine’s Day Pinwheels by Diapers N’ Heels

DIY Shrinky Dink Valentine’s Day Key Chains by Red Lotus Mama (I made these one year and they are CUTE!)

Berry Sweet Valentine Printable by A La Mo (these are just like one of the ones I show in the video but hers are much better!)

DIY Valentine's Day cards with Punch Balloons blow me away


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