behind the scenes at the ok! magazine oscars pre-party with cherry healey and cottonelle

This post was sponsored by Socialstars on behalf of Cottonelle. All opinions and sassiness are my own. Mama Mary Show goes behind the scenes at the Ok Mag Cottonelle Pre Oscars Party

The one predictable thing about my life is that it is not remotely predictable.

Case in point, never in a million years could I have predicted that I would end up at a schwanky OK Magazine pre-Oscars party, representing Cottonelle toilet paper, or as I like to call them, bum wipes. But (or should I say butt?), that is EXACTLY where I ended up last Thursday night and boy, am I still wiped out!

Here’s how it all went down:

A friend and fellow-blogger PM’d me on Facebook two weeks ago asking if I’d like to attend an Oscars Pre-Party hosted by OK Magazine and sponsored by Cottonelle.


Ironically enough, a few weeks prior to this, I had seen this Cottonelle commercial and proceeded to fall madly in love with the brand AND their newest spokeswoman, Cherry Healey. Watch this to know why:

So not only was I excited about attending a schwanky Oscar’s party in LA, but I also felt a little tinkly, I mean tingly inside thinking that I might meet my latest girl crush from the bowling alley.

A few days before the party, I received this rad swag box with Sephora make-up, a beautiful necklace, mints, and of course, Cottonelle products.

 Rad Cottonelle swag including Sephora make-up for the Oscars Party

On the afternoon of the event I took this video before getting ready.

And wouldn’t you know, as I was getting ready, my favorite eyeshadow case shattered and my Cottonelle wipes were there to save the day!

Cottonelle wipes help save the day before the Oscars party

This was my hot date, Laura, and me before getting in “our car” to drive up to West Hollywood.

Prepping for Ok Mag Oscars Party
This is me packing all of the essentials into my new clutch bag that I bought for the occasion.

CLutch purse for the Oscars Pre-Party by Ok Magazine and Cottonelle

This is us in The Grove Nordstrom dressing room changing into our cocktail attire.

 Behind the Scenes at the OK Magazine Oscars Party

We spied several B-List celebrities (B standing for Bravo) but the best star sighting was this one: Tia Carrere and Mama Mary at the OK magazine Oscars Party

Yes, that’s Tia Carrere of Wayne’s World fame. She was incredible gracious and even more beautiful in person.

Then I had to make sure there was plenty of Cottonelle to be found, and . . . there was!

And FINALLY, we met the illustrious Cherry Healey. She was even more fun and hilarious in person than she is in the commercials. I wish she lived closer so we could “bum around” all the time.

Ok Magazine and Cottonelle Oscars Party with Cherry Healey

 The night was one for the record books and I thank the fine folks of Cottonelle for making it happen.

And be sure to read my recap of the 86th Academy Awards, including my pics for best dressed and best speeches.





  1. 1

    Such a great recap, Mary. It looks like you had a great time. I am every so slightly jealous!

  2. 2
    vangie regan says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all that you were invited to this fantastic party. Looks like you had a “barrel of fun”.

  3. 3
    Laura says:

    Besides hanging out with the hilarious Cherry Healey, my favorite thing was having a driver. I think that’s the first thing I will get when I win the lottery!

  4. 4
    Sofie says:

    i cannot find the portable cottonelle case anywhere, do you know who has them? amazon and walmart are out of stock and i really want one :(

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