ditch the excuses, walk it off

Ditch the excuses and walk it off with Omron

Have you ever gone on a walk and regretted it? Most likely not, you know why? Because, nothing bad can come from going on a walk. The cons of walking are, um, nil (except for maybe blisters if you’re in the wrong shoes) and the pros are plentiful.

Here are just a few pros of walking:

  • Blowing off steam
  • Burning calories
  • Breathing fresh air
  • Becoming one with the nature
  • Bun toning (though, I’m not sure my what-were-once-toned buns can ever recover from the amount of cheese I’ve consumed in the past 20 years)
  • Burst with creative thoughts (in fact, my last spoof video was conceived out on the trails behind my house)


With all of those pros, why do I not “walk it off” every day, all the time, 24/7?

That conundrum has been burning a hole in my brain, like, forever. Sometimes, I can come up with 1001 excuses to not go on a walk or a run or workout in some capacity, because frankly, sitting on my buns sounds so much better than any form of exercise, even though I KNOW the pros are plentiful and the cons are nil. Lately, it seems, I have been taking making excuses and I think I’ll “sit on my bum” option more often than not. No good, friends, no good.

However, ever since I received the Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer in the mail a few days ago, as part of this sponsored campaign, I’ve had a brand new outlook.

Yes, my “new outlook” was initially inspired by money since I’m getting paid for this post, but once I read the instructions (yes, I actually read the instruction manual and it was so interesting I put it on Instagram) and put it on, I felt like a mack-daddy from the 90’s with a pager on my side and I immediately wanted to go on a walk.

And that’s exactly what I did. I walked it off, yo. In fact, I’ve gone on a walk every day since. 

While on those walks, I realized that when I live in such a gorgeous city with ridiculously rad climate, I could be out walking or running nearly EVERY DAY. Check out the view around my house:


I’ve also started walking my 5 year old to school, which is only 2 blocks away, which I normally drive (one of the blocks is a hill, fyi).

After a few days of walking it off, I came up with my next spoof video idea.

Picture this: It’s called “Gotta Walk it Off,” to the tune of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” (if you’re not familiar with the song, the next part of this post won’t make any sense, so have a listen on Spotify first).

Video opens on Mom sitting behind her laptop, her muffintop proudly on display, with a spoon in the peanut butter, an empty gaze of writer’s block, and nagging kids in the background (does this scenario sound familiar to anyone?).

Mom gets fed up with it all, stands up, puts on her flashy Nike’s that match her Lululemon jacket and she sets off to “Walk it Off.”


When the words aren’t comin’ to ya,

Gotta Walk it Off Gotta Walk it Off Gotta Walk it Off


When the spoon’s in the peanut butter

Gotta Walk it Off Gotta Walk it Off Gotta Walk it Off


When the kids’ coppin’ attitude

Gotta Walk It Off Gotta Walk it Off Gotta Walk it Off


I got the iPhone on my arm and my Lululemon on

And I’m rollin’ like a pimp ‘cause I got my Omron


Well, what do you think? Can you hear it? You think I have the next viral video, dontcha? No? Well, whatever. 

Somehow, between this “Gotta Walk it Off” refrain repeatedly playing over in my mind and feeling like a pimp with a pager, I mean pedometer, on my hip, I have officially been motivated to revive my affinity for walk/runs, so viral video or not, this chick has her walking mojo back. 

How bout you? How often do you go on walks? What motivates you to walk?

Every step you take is in the direction of a healthier lifestyle, so start tracking your progress with Omron’s new Alvita Ultimate Pedometer (HJ-325). Special technology allows you to stow it in your pocket or purse and still get an accurate step count, while also offering the traditional option of wearing it on your hip. Like Omron on Facebook and challenge yourself to walk it off!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Omron. The opinions and text are all mine.



  1. 1
    Danielle says:

    I can totally hear it in my head now!

    And having a pedometer really does allow you to check in and make sure you’re meeting those goals you make for yourself daily. I love my pedometer!

  2. 2
    Angela says:

    I totally need a pedometer. I think it would definitely give me motivation to walk. I’d probably check it every 5 minutes, lol! Sounds like it would be a great motivator though.