the top 7 reasons to see mr. peabody and sherman

This is not a sponsored post but in full-disclosure so the FTC doesn’t fine me, I was treated to an all-expenses paid stay in Los Angeles, a screening of Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and a tour of the DreamWorks Animation campus. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been waiting for this day for months! The new animated film Mr. Peabody & Sherman by DreamWorks Animation hits the big screens and I can’t wait to take my kids, and also to hear what all of you think about it!

The other day I posted about my behind-the-scenes tour of DreamWorks Animation, and a little bit about the sneak peak of the film, and today I’m hear to tell ya, the

The Top 7 Reasons To See Mr Peabody & Sherman

mr peabody and sherman opens in theaters march 7

  1. Ty Burrell—Though Mr. Modern Family himself was not the first, or even second or third choice, to play Mr. Peabody, he turned out to be the very perfect person to play the role of this animated version of a Modern Family dad (what’s more modern than a dog adopting a boy?). As the producer,  Tiffany Ward, mentioned in the Q & A, “he has a sort of lovable quality to his voice.” True dat!
  2. Max Charles—You’ll want to adopt Sherman AND the boy who plays him, Max Charles after this film. No doubt. Utterly adorable.
  3. History Lessons—Not just for the kids but for adults too. I don’t know about you but, my best recollection of the Trojan Horse was that it was actually a Trojan Rabbit, thanks to countless screenings of The Holy Grail in college. I can thank this film for setting me straight.
  4. It’s a Talking Dog! While in on my behind-the-scenes tour of the DreamWorks Animation studios, the Production Designer talked a lot about how important it is in his job to make sure the audience doesn’t spend half the time wondering “why is the dog talking?” and I’m here to tell you that that thought won’t cross your mind once. Mr. Peabody is witty and charismatic and lovable in his own way.
  5. Jay Ward’s Legacy—One of the highlights of my day at DreamWorks was my time with the cast & crew of Mr. Peabody and Sherman, including Tiffany Ward, Executive Producer of the film AND daughter of the legendary Jay Ward. Jay was the original creator of Mr. Peabody & Sherman (as well as Rocky & Bullwinkle, and many others) back in the 60’s. When he died in 1989, his daughter Tiffany took over his business and this movie is an ode of sorts to her father. Having lost my dad many years ago, I connect with this movie on that level, which probably makes me love it even more.
  6. Nostalgia—The Mr. Peabody & Sherman characters don’t just travel back in history, THEY ARE history. They are part of OUR 40+ year olds’ history and I love bringing back these timeless characters so that our kids can fall in love with them too.
  7. The Animation is WARAD (way rad)—I am always amazed at animated movies, how they can capture the essence of humans (and dogs), their emotions, their relationships, and their internal struggles. Everything from their time traveling WABAC machine to the cake Marie Antoinette gorges herself on will wow you and make you hungry for more.
DreamWorks Animation Mr Peabody and Sherman now playing

I could go on and on about this film and all the people who made it happen, but I just want you all to go out and see it and then let me know what you think!

Check out the trailer:

And connect with Mr. Peabody Online!


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