when fecal matters

A few months ago, I received a pitch with the following subject line:

safe streak free way to clean phones with sani-screen

I clicked “delete” at almost the same instant that my eyes read the word “fecal.”


But something in me grew curious, so I retrieved it out of the trash and read the first paragraph.

1 in 6 phones are contaminated with fecal matter


While stifling my gag reflex, I almost hit delete again.

Then, I envisioned my iPhone and iPad screens that are streaked and crusted and smeared with all sorts of stuff, for which there is a 1 in 6 chance that it could be, apparently from the pitch email, fecal matter.


So, after having a glass of wine or two, I replied to the pitch with,

“Yes, I’d love to try your Sani-Screen wipes, send ‘em on over. “

Within a day or two, I was wiping poop off of all of my screens and having a field day. My kids helped too. They crack up at anything having to do with poop so you can imagine how they loved joining in the fun.

1 in 6 phones are contaminated with fecal matter

Now, I have no way of testing if there was any fecal matter on my phone, and/or if it was sufficiently removed, but, I did feel streak free, so that’s good.

The most important lesson I learned through all of this poop pitching and removing, is that the first line of a pitch is the most important. Last weekend I gave a presentation at the Women Get Social blogging conference, along with Jennifer Chidester, owner of ModernPR, on how to “Get in the News.”

This Sani-Screen pitch came to my mind as we were putting together “The Pitch” part of the presentation. This PR rep took a risk in using the word “fecal” in her email, and in the subject line no less, but, ultimately, it worked so kudos to her for taking a risk. She got a free blog post outta me for it. Boom!

Stay tuned later this week for a more detailed post on “How to Get in the News.” In the meantime, don’t waste time, and wipe up your phone.


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