copa di vino has a cinderalla story that moms and winos want to know about

If you like wine, you are going to like this blog post. It’s a sponsored post, but you’re still going to like it. And? All opinions are my own.

Last week I was introduced to one of the most genius products created for wine lovers. Are you ready for this? Wine by the glass, Boom!

new winery at Sunshine Mill Copa Di Vino as seen on Shark Tank

Yes, beer lovers can swig straight from the bottle, and now, so can we. Equal rights for boozers.

Copa di Vino is a fledgling winery from The Dalles, Oregon; a Cinderella Story of sorts, born out of a desire to help a community, preserve history, and answer the prayers of wine drinkers everywhere.

Check out this quick video to learn more about the Copa di Vino story and to see how a little company with big dreams turned a rundown old flour mill, Sunshine Mill, into a mecca for making mommy juice.

Stay tuned for an upcoming installment of my “Holy Crap, I Love That!” video series where I feature some Copa di Vino wine and demonstrate how fun it is to show up to a party with a case of Copa di Vino. I’ve done it twice now, both times at our community pool, and I am now the most popular girl in the hood.

Copa di vino is wine by the glass as seen on Shark Tank

Cheers to wine-ding down with a cup o’ wine, or ten.



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    Those little glasses are adorable! I would love to try this wine.

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    Lisa Rice says:

    I love this article and follow Copa. I am wondering, how does one go about getting a spot on your blog? I invented Rollngo about 7 years ago and even though I sell all over the US. It’s difficult to get a product out that has never been before. Please see my web site and any advise would be greatly appreciated
    Lisa Rice
    Rollngo Inc.

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