leave gwyneth paltrow alone

Why Gwyneth Paltrow needs to be left alone via the Mama Mary Show

Hey all y’all stone throwers . . . leave Gwynnie alone.

Seriously, enough is enough.

Yes, her recent quotes to E! about working moms were painfully disillusioned, entitled, judgmental, ludicrous, off-putting and a host of other not-so-endearing adjectives, BUT, she does NOT deserved to be dragged through the virtual mud in the way that she has been for the past week.

She’s a woman and a mom, now a single mom, trying to get through life, the best way she knows how. Granted, “her way” is annoying to most of us, mainly because it’s privileged and out of our reach–our budgets don’t allow most of us to buy $450.00 Veronica Beard Tuxedo pants or to travel to exotic spa destinations like the ones she promotes on Goop.com. And our jobs don’t pay us the millions that she gets paid. And yes, that annoys me, mainly because I’m green with envy.

However, that is her reality. If we jump down her throat and judge her harshly, then we’re doing the same thing we’re accusing her of doing.

I’m going to bat for this woman for several reasons:
#1 – She’s a former UCSB Gaucho, and therefore cool, despite all of her actions that tell us otherwise.

#2 –  She’s a member of the Dead Dads Club and her interview with Oprah about her dad was one of the inspirations for my book.

#3 – She’s a bit like Claire Standish from Breakfast Club, who likes sushi for lunch. She’s pretentious but misunderstood.

#4 –  I have hit a rough time in my marriage and can’t even imagine what it’s like to have something as private and painful as a divorce to be exploited and examined via every possible publication and website known to man.

The bottom line is that she is human and, once again, grieving. And, though she came off like a complete asswipe in that interview, enough is enough. Let SNL, Fallon and/or Kimmel have a field day with her, but everyone else, for the love of all that is goop and holy, please just leave the paleo-eating, yoga-posing, oil-pulling, conscious parenter alone.

And if this doesn’t convince you, go read my girl Raluca’s post on her site, What Would Gwyneth Do. She’s as fired up as I am about this.


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    Good points, my friend. As I found myself IN BIBLE STUDY, NO LESS, saying that G was a weirdo, I had to stop and say to myself, “Rein it in, Sister! You are not being very loving right now.”

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