helping kids cope with the san diego wildfires as seen on fox 5

Ask the Moms covers how to talk to kids about wildfires on Fox 5 San Diego

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Last week, several wild fires struck San Diego county, and my home was sandwiched in the middle of two of the biggest. Thankfully, for us, the winds were blowing in the opposite direction from our home so we never needed to evacuate, though we did, just to be safe. I’m still not really sure why people don’t evacuate, but to each his own. After fleeing our house, we went to my friend, Theresa’s house, which also became threatened by yet another fire and in less than half hour’s time, I helped her pack up her house, and her three kids (including a 7 day old), and we fled that one as well.

I am beyond grateful that nothing serious happened to my immediate family or group of friends but we do know that many people were affected more dramatically than we were and my heart goes out to all of them. And I cannot begin to imagine what those firefighters had to go through with the heat and exhaustion. They are true heroes.

I still feel a little PTSD from seeing the flames and black plumes of smoke that came so close to my children’s school and to the back of my friend’s home. I have been talking to my kids a lot about it, trying to reassure them that they are safe, but I overhear them bring up the word fire in nearly every conversation in some way or another. The fires are still very much on their minds.

In today’s Ask the Moms video question segment, we discussed this topic of helping kids cope with the wild fire anxiety. We also tackled the topic of how to handle inappropriate lyrics in music, which was ironic considering we had Jesse Lozano of Star 94.1 with us again.

Below is the segment. This time Erica called me out on the little dance I’ve started doing when she introduces me. Love that Erica!

Our segment was too short to cover every thing we wanted to say about these topics, so if you want more info on how to talk to your kids after wildfires, check out these great tips I found via the National Association of School Psychologists.


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    My 3 yr old is very upset about the fires, still. This morning she was super nervous about the clouds in the sky asking if it was smoke, which went into 20 questions on if the fires were really all gone. A friend suggested I take her by the local fire house to drop off some goodies as a thank you and that way she can see that the firemen are there and it might ease her mind a little.

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