how to stay cool with a kool tool

Kool Tools help relieve high fevers in kids

This post is sponsored by Kool Tool and all the opinions are mine, and really, the joke’s on them because I love this product so much they don’t even need to pay me. Don’t tell them that though.


Friends, let me introduce you to one of the koolest things ever . . .

reduce fevers and avoid hot flashes with Kool Tool

The Kool Tool is a reusable, comfortable cloth that keeps you kool for hours. Seriously, HOURS.

I don’t know the science behind it but, honestly, I don’t care HOW it works, I just love that it works. Here’s whatchya do:

1)   Get it WET

2)   WRING it out

3)   SNAP it

4)   WEAR it

And BOOM, your instantly kool and comfy. AND? The best part about it—it doesn’t drip or leave a wet mark. Seriously, NO DRIPPING AND NO WATER MARKS! Amazing, right?

My kids and I have gone through several Kool Tools now, because we use them so often. A few weeks ago, both my girls were hit with a nasty flu bug and they wore a Kool Tool almost constantly to help bring and keep their fevers down. It was SO much better than just wetting a washcloth or a towel because it doesn’t get their clothes or the pillow wet and it stays cool for hours.

Lexi wore hers as a turban.

Reducing fevers in kids with Kool Tool

I’m so in love with the Kool Tool that I brought it to my book club last week to show it off to everyone. I did a demonstration and had everyone try it on. The pregnant lady of the group got to keep it on for the rest of the night.

Kool Tool can help stay cool and comfortable during pregnancy

 The potential uses for the Kool Tool are endless but here are a few possibilities:


  • Trips to the beach, amusement parks
  • Participating in sporting events
  • Spectating at sporting events
  • Hot flashes (which are becoming all too much a reality in my life—oye)
  • After working out
  • Soothing a burn

Trust me, moms, athletes, ladies who are having your own personal summer, you WANT one, or more, of these bad boys. Especially before the summer heat starts!

Kool Tools come in a variety of colors and are sold on their website. They retail for $16.00 usually, but lucky for us, the kind ladies at Kool Tool are giving a 25% off discount to MamaMaryShow readers, now through August 15th. Just use the code MamaMaryShow at check out and get a few while you’re at it.

Go on, what are you waiting for?


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