what’s LBL and why you should do kegels

Friends, it’s time for some serious Girl Talk. Yes, with a capital G and a capital T. As in, this post is part of a campaign for Poise Microliners, sponsored by Socialstars, and the words bladder and leakage will be used a lot. All opinions are my own. #PoisewithSAM
 So, if you’re:

  • a guy
  • under 33
  • nauseated by the word “Kegel”
  • or any combination of the above

you should probably bounce.

Or, better yet, click on over to my favorite post about how my neighbor used to have really loud um, fun with her boyfriend in the middle of the day. It’s an oldie but goodie.

If you’ve stayed on the page then WELCOME to:

My “Light Bladder Leakage Talk,” brought to you by the Mama Mary Show and Poise Microliners.

You still in? Okay, awesome. Let’s do this.

My favorite phrase to express how much I’ve laughed or enjoyed a particular situation has always been, “ . . .  I just almost peed my pants.”

In my 20’s, I said it as a complete joke, trying to get a laugh, with the notion that everyone knew I didn’t really pee my pants and that I was just being dramatic (similar to how no one is really rolling on the floor laughing their ass off when they tweet ROLF LMAO).

Then, in my 30’s, after having two kids (after kids are the KEY words of that phrase), the phrase “I might have just peed my pants,” became just a wee bit more accurate to describe what happens when I laughed too hard.

THEN, in my early 40’s, after having two kids AND entering the age of needing readers and asking people to repeat themselves far too often, my go-to phrase morphed into something a little more descriptive and definitely accurate—“I just peed my pants, just a little.”

Now, maybe I did or maybe I didn’t actually pee my pants–that’s up to the reader to decipher, guess, or interpret. But, it’s highly possible is all I’m sayin’.

Case in point: Here I am laughing, late night, with my cousins just a few weeks ago, about something definitely not funny unless you were there, and it is unclear whether or not I left a stain on that couch.

Light Bladder Leakage might happen when you laugh too hard

But, friends, it’s not just when you laugh too hard. This LBL issue is not just reserved for the funny.

Here are some prime examples:

Exciting situations, like the time I met Harry Connick Jr. during Hollywood Week of American Idol:

light bladder leakage is not good when you meet a superstar #SAMInYourPants

Then there’s jumping. Oh lord–trying to not pee while jumping, after kids, is like trying to not touch the sensor on a game of Operation—slightly stressful and nearly impossible.

Here is my good friend Alisa jumping on the trampoline at her daughter’s 3rd birthday. She swears there was no LBL but if that was me jumping like that? You’re damn straight there’d be some LBL.

Jumping on trampolines is not good for LBL #SAMInYourPants

Finally, there’s the riding of roller coasters. Um, seriously, California Screamin’? You should be re-named California Peein’. In fact, any rollercoaster is troublesome in the LBL department. The rocky bumps and sharp turns in Matterhorn? Not a good thing.

LBL Light Bladder Leakage on roller coasters is normal if you've had kids #PoisewithSAM

Thank goodness the re-vamped bobsleds don’t require that people straddle each other on that ride anymore, is all I’m saying.

So, friends, here is a bit of advice:

1)   Never make fun of someone with LBL, because it COULD, and very likely will, BE YOU at some point in  your life.

2)   Do your Kegels.

3)   Don’t scoff at Poise Microliners because they may become your BFF one of these days. In fact, you might want to just have some in your cabinet, JIC!

For some FAQs on LBL check out the Poise website, and, if you want to share some LBL issues with me here, I’d love it. C’mon, don’t be shy! I won’t tell anyone, I swear.

I wrote about Poise Microliners as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #PoisewithSAM



  1. 1
    Laura says:

    OMG I think I just LBL’D reading this. LMFAO. TTFN.

  2. 2
    theresa says:

    I can’t stop laughing!!!

  3. 3
    Christy says:

    Giggle snorting is my biggest downfall in this arena. Well that and the 4 HUGE babies I pooped out over the past 24 years.

  4. 4

    I wish I had done my kegels but sadly did not. I’m in the same boat as you!

  5. 5
    Haylz says:

    Oh snap! I just peed my J Jill slacks! Thank goodness I still have a coupon for a new pair! Let me know when you want to film the video for this one, I’m all in for the examples of what happens after laughing, jumping, meeting JT and riding TOT! You know we all peed just a lil on Tower of Terror! That included wine, laughter, terror, screaming and jolting pee inducing drops!! I’m no shame in my game about poise micro liners! They’ll fit in the same pocket with my hearing aid batteries! #embracematureliving

  6. 6
    Julie Cohn says:

    This is awesome and so true!

  7. 7
    Rita O'Neal says:

    I am so with you on this one. It could happen to anybody!

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