curing summer boredom and how to cope with overnight camps

This week’s Ask the Mom’s segment dealt with several summer-themed questions:

1) Should summer be all about fun or should parents throw in some academics too?

2) How to cope when kids go away to overnight summer camp.

3) What to do when your kids say, “I’m bored.”

This last topic is a big one because we’re a week into summer and I’d bet my Skimmies that every parent in America has heard the phrase “I’m bored,” at least once, if not 100 times so far.

Ironically, for 9 months out of the year, kids are over-scheduled and tapped-out, and now, with a little free time on their hands, they go nuts, expecting, us, the parents to keep them occupied every second of the day, which isn’t practical nor possible. To combat the boredom blues, here are a few tips:

tips for avoiding summer boredom

1) Post a list of things they can do BEFORE they can say that they’re bored.
2) Offer a reward if they can make it a day, week, the whole summer without saying “I’m bored.” (I do this for road trips if they can make it the whole way without saying “Are we there yet?”)
3) Raid the dollar aisles at Target, Michael’s or the local Dollar store with various crafts and put them in one bin so they can always go to the bin to get a craft.
4) Sign up for your local library’s reading program and have a bunch of free books lying around that they can read in their downtime. Give incentives for books read by the end of the summer.
5) Let them be bored. No one has died from boredom.

curing summer boredom with free time ideas

As you’ll see in the clip below, my fellow blogger, Bethany Kelly who sat in on our panel this week in Rachel’s absence, has some great ideas and including one genius idea via Danielle of Extraordinary Mommy who came up with a list of activities, similar to the one above, for every letter in the word BORED.

Check out the clip below for tips on all these summer parenting issues…


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