5 promises to keep during sandal season

Summer is in full swing which means most of us are busting out our flip-flops, wedges, mandals and other open-toe shoe varietals. Therefore, it is time for a quick reminder of general open-toe shoe etiquette.  These promises are not required by law, they are merely considered common courtesy to those around you.

 Open toe shoe pledge for the summer

1. Get a pedicure once every few weeks. Don’t be afraid or paranoid like Elaine on Seinfeld–they’re not talking about you and there’s only a very small chance you’ll get a fungal disease.

If you’re not keen on public pedis, vow to do your own toes every 3 weeks and invest in a home pedi kit.

NOTE: Touching up a chipped toe 3 times in a row does NOT constitute a pedicure.

2. File, loofah, and lube those heels. Often.

TIP: If you have problem heels like I do, lube those suckers up with Aquaphor or Vaseline at night and sleep with socks.

3. Know and embrace your shoe size. Nothing is worse than a heel hanging over the back or toes popping out the side of a tight sandal like pigs in a blanket.

4. Birkenstocks. Just Say No. 

5. Shave. If you’re of the dark-hair persuasion, consider, strongly, shaving those big toes.


Years ago, when I worked at an event planning company where we had a lax dress code during the summer months, my bosses busted out an “Open-Toed Shoe Pledge” that all the ladies signed (sort of as a joke, but also sorta serious). I don’t know who originally wrote that pledge, but big thanks to them and to my former bosses, Teri, Tina & Tracy, for keeping me mindful of my toe situation all these years.





  1. 1
    LisaMac says:


  2. 2
    Sean says:

    As the husband of someone who employs the lube filled socks often. I have to say it is such a turn on.

  3. 3
    Carolyn West says:

    These should absolutely be the law!

  4. 4
    Alli says:

    Aint that the truth! I’m not a fan of the river shoe either. Probably shouldn’t be worn anywhere except a river. :)

  5. 5

    Keeping those heels smooth is a must!!! Nothing worst than snagging your heel on the carpet. Euw..

  6. 6
    Anna says:


    I must say, the Vaseline/sock idea is brilliant. Thank you to my Tata (DAD) who I inherited these crazy heels from!?! Haha.

    NO Birkenstocks?! You know they’re all the rage, again! What will the fashionistas say?! Haha.
    The jury for me is still out on the Birkenstock comeback…I much prefer a flip flop.

    Happy Feet Summer!
    :) Anna

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