help cure hot flashes with the hot flash helper (aka kool tool)

This post is part of my ongoing paid campaign with Kool Tool, one of the most ingenious items ever created. All opinions are mine. 

A lovely bloggy friend of mine, Tracy Morrison, just published a hilarious post on HuffPo entitled, 12 Sure Signs of Menopause. Though there is nothing funny about Menopause, just as with everything in life, we women need to find ways of laughing at ourselves and the crazy-ass stuff that happens to our bodies.

I think I have a few years yet before I can relate completely to Tracy’s post, she described a few scenarios to which I can definitely relate.

The first two I have for sure (but not sure I can blame on menopause):

#1) The bitchy syndrome—I’ve been bitchy and cranky my whole life so this one ain’t new in my life.

 #2) The weight gain—I’ve gained a ton of weight lately but I’m gonna go ahead and blame that on my stress eating and drinking.

But the #3rd situation that she described in her post that I am definitely experiencing and is DEFINITELY a sign of perimenopause is . . .


Holy lawd, “my own personal summers” are happening nearly every damn day, and it’s not pretty. Honestly, I get so hot that I make my kids wear their winter gear so I can have the A/C at a ridiculously cold temp.

use Kool Tool aka Hot Flash Helper to help ease hot flashes

One of the things that has saved me from these annoying flashes-of-heat is the most ingenious invention ever created – the Kool Tool aka the “Hot Flash Helper” that I blogged about last month.

The Hot Flash Helper is a special cloth that retains moisture and stays cool for HOURS but DOES NOT drip or leave watermarks. It’s soft and can be kinda fashionable if you wear it like a scarf.

All you have to do is:

  • Wet it
  • Wring it
  • Snap it
  • Wear it

And you’ll be relieved instantaneously!

use the kool tool or hot flash helper to keep cool during a hot flashLadies, if you are experiencing this fun time of life, go straight to the check out line located HERE and buy one or ten of these life-savers. And be sure to use the code MamaMaryShow at check out for 25% off your order.

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter too!



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    […] the latently infected CD4 reservoirA Cure For Herpes – The STD That’s For Lifehelp cure hot flashes with the hot flash helper (aka kool tool) var imwbvp_ajaxurl = ''; // ]]> […]

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    tracy says:

    Okay – I NEED THIS!

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