7 reasons why you need to see the full monty at new village arts (plus ticket giveaway!)

With the recent news of my ring-less ring-finger, what better way to spend my GNO last week than watching a bunch of middle-aged men sing, dance and strip? There’s really no better way. And? Most of the cast members are actually younger (like WAY younger) than I am, so it was a win-win!

After a divine dinner at Paon in downtown Carlsbad, my friends Laura, Lisa and I walked to the cozy New Village Arts Theatre and had the time of our lives cracking up, cat-calling and grooving in our chairs.

Then, after the show, we followed the cast to a local bar and got to chat it up with them like a bunch of cougar groupies and I fell even more in love with them all.  And the next morning I couldn’t get those fine fellas out of my mind so I came up with this list of:


The Full Monty Broadway Musical at New Village Arts in Carlsbad

 1. The Cast – Yes, it’s a small theater, in a small-ish beach town, but this cast is BIG and brave and talented like none other. They are all stars.

 2. The Laughs – My face hurt at the end of the show from smiling and laughing so much.

3. The Intimacy – The Full Monty musical itself is inherently, um, intimate, but I am in love with this theatre space because of how up close and personal the audience gets with the cast, which is particularly fun in this show. *wink wink*

4. Booze – You can drink in your seats. Boom!

5. The Voices – These guys (and gals) can sang.

6. The Life Lesson – Don’t be afraid to drop trou every once in awhile. You never know what big things might come from it.

7. The. Full. Monty.

Now click here to buy your tickets or, better yet, ENTER THE GIVEAWAY BELOW TO WIN A COMPLIMENTARY PAIR OF TICKETS!

Here are some important deets:

  • It runs until September 7
  • Show Times:Thurs / Fri / Sat 8pm | Matinee Sat 3 / Sun 2pm
  • 2787 State Street | Carlsbad, CA 92008
  • 760.433.3245

The talented cast includes:

  • Grant Rosen as Jerry Lukowski
  • Rovin Jay** as Noah “Horse” T. Simmons
  • Kelly Derouin as Estelle Genovese/Others
  • Melissa Fernandes as Georgie Bukatinsky
  • Virginia Gregg as Joanie Lish/Others
  • Richard Johnson as Buddy (Keno) Walsh/Others
  • Justin Jorgensen as Malcolm MacGregor
  • Myra McWethy as Jeannette Burmeister/Molly MacGregor
  • Matthew Mohler as Nathan Lukowski
  • Marlene Montes as Susan Hershey/Others
  • Paul Morgavo as Harold Nichols
  • Durwood Murray as Reg Willoughby/Others
  • Scott Nickley as Ethan Girard
  • Michael Parrott as Dave Bukatinsky
  • Wendy Waddell as Pam Lukowski
  • Debra Wanger as Vicki Nichols


P.S. I did not receive free tickets for this post, nor was I compensated for it. I just really LOVED the show and asked them for tickets to give away since I knew you’d love it too!

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  1. 1
    Maryann says:

    Sounds like a fun show to see– thanks!

  2. 2

    Loved the movie! Totally want to see the live show!

  3. 3
    Melissa Fernandes says:

    You are amazing, Mary! Thank you for your kind words and support!

  4. 4
    Laura says:

    Everyone needs to see this! Local artists with huge talent in an intimate theater is so much more gratifying than Broadway. If this little theater keeps producing shows like this, I will be sure to support them every time.

  5. 5
    Sara says:

    So fun!!! Great group of people who work so hard to keep the arts alive. I’d love to see the show!

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