a haute couture fashion show at the house of blues by the international interior design association

The International Interior Design Association annual Fashion Show in San Diego

Photo by Julie Kremen

If you live in So Cal and you’re a fan of design and/or the show Project Runway, then check this out:

The Southern California Chapter of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) puts on an annual Fashion Show that is an absolutely spectacular and unique event. This year’s event will be on Thursday, September 25th, fro 5:30-9:30pm at the House of Blues in San Diego.

Here’s the basic premise of the fashion show:

  • Various design institutes from around So Cal team up with various furniture and textile vendors.
  • They are given a theme–this year it’s “Masterpieces” and the teams have all been assigned a famous piece of art as their inspiration.
  • The teams have a few months (as opposed to a day or two like on Project Runway) to conceptualize, design and construct a runway-ready ensemble, complete with shoes and accessories, that fits the theme and is created only with items supplied by the furniture, textile and flooring companies.
  • On the night of the fashion show, the models get glammed up and strut their stuff down the runway at the House of Blues and are judged on their creativity, use of materials, and commitment to the theme (I am on the judges panel again this year and can’t wait!).

Here are some of the fabulously creative ensembles from last year:

International Interior Design Association hosts fashion show September 25 2014

Photo by Julie Kremen

It's like a Project Runway episode with IIDA

Photo by Julie Kremen

Project Runway like fashion show at the House of Blues

Photo by Julie Kremen

House of Blues IIDA Fashion Show 2014

Photo by Julie Kremen

Now that you’ve seen some of the outfits, let me reiterate that all of them are made from furniture, textiles, and flooring. Amazing, right?!

To attend this wickedly fun event, go to the IIDA site. Tickets are $40 for floor seats and $55 for balcony. Hope to see you there.



  1. 1

    Man, I wish I could go to this but my 25th is a no go. I’ve always had fascination with furniture textile/upholstery fabrics. In my fashion classes back in college, I brought in fabric which was deemed by my professor “not suitable” for apparel construction. I pleased with professors, “Why not, it’s so beautiful!” but I followed instructions and went to the cotton blends required of projects. And a decade later, here it is, clothing made of upholstery!

  2. 2
    AmandaLynn says:

    How crazy, looks like an interesting show.

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