7 things i bet you didn’t know about your hairspray

Does anyone else have a mild love affair going on with their hair salon (I think probably many of you do because yesterday I posted a question on The Mama Mary Show Facebook page about which one single beauty treatment people would keep if they had to give up all beauty enhancements except one, and nearly everyone said they would keep coloring their hair)?

Well, I for one, am madly in love with my hair salon, Bryll Hairl Lounge, and in particular, my stylist Lauren. She’s so stinking cute I can’t stand it. And? She makes me look gooood.

Hair Spray Tips and Tricks from Bryll Hair Lounge

The other day, as Lauren and I were chatting, we came up with the brylliant idea to brainstorm all the different cool facts and uses for hairspray. Here is what we came up with (I didn’t know several of them so I bet you don’t either):

7 uses and tips for hairspray

1) Hairspray can be used to stop runs in tights.

2) Hairspray can get rid of static cling (so can a safety pin, by the way).

3) Don’t just spray it after your style–prior to styling your hair, spray the hairspray all over your head to create a hold foundation (just don’t spray too much so you don’t dampen it).

4) When spraying hairspray, do it in short spurts rather than one long continuous spray because the most concentrated amount comes out in the first few seconds.

5) You can spray it on wet hair to get a light gel effect.

6) Hairspray preserves flowers by spraying below the petals about one foot away.

7) Hairspray can make a great blow torch if sprayed into a lighter as demonstrated by Alabama Worley in True Romance.

My latest favorite hairspray is Builder’s Paradise Working Spray by Evo. What’s your go-to hairspray and do you have any tips to add to this list?

P.S. I was not compensated by the rockin’ folks at Bryll for this post. They have given me discounts on services in the past, as a thank you for referring clients, but I just really love them, and am fascinated with all things hair. 


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