halloween nail art for the novice artists and non-pinterest-y moms like me

After dabbling around a little in a little Halloween nail art fun last year, this year I decided to get a little nuttier with the designs so I searched Pinterest and of course found a crap ton of amazingly fun and spooky nail designs. Some were WAY out of my league, as are most crafty/DIY things on Pinterest, but hey, I might as well try, right?

I chose a few simple, realistic designs that could be done with the colors I had. Here are the links to the Pinterest images.

Knowing that my artistic skills are limited, I didn’t expect much so then when I got this outcome, I was pretty excited.

Here is the end product (from afar and/or if you’re squinting they look pretty good):

spooky halloween nail art for the non artistThey are pretty non-perfect and a little scary, but hey, it’s Halloween and scary is the name of the game. Also, they’re a ton of fun and pretty easy to do.

Be sure to get some of the thin-tipped polish–that’s the only way to do the detailed stuff. The end of a bobby pin works well for some items, but it’s too thick to do the very thin lines (I didn’t have white which is why the mummies on my pinkies look like zebras).

To see all the wickedly awesome nail art ideas out there in the world, just search Halloween nail art on Pinterest and you will get a cauldron full of ideas.


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