pass me the damn good coffee, twin peaks is coming back

25 years later, Twin Peaks comes back for a third season in 2016

Long before binge watching on Netflix became a “thing,” my college girlfriends and I binge watched all the Twin Peaks episodes + the movie in record-setting time. We would huddle together on a beaten up couch in the middle of my Twin Peaks episodes + the movie Fire Walk With Me in record-setting time. We would huddle together on a beaten up couch in the middle of my bestie’s Isla Vista home every day after classes, and watch episode after episode of the cult classic that lost its life way too early (the second season was cancelled mid-way through).

It could’ve been called Trippy Peaks because, like whoa man, like double rainbows all the way, this show made you feel like you were on something, even if you weren’t, but in the very best way possible.

I’ve already blogged about the lead character, Special Agent Dale Cooper (played perfectly by Kyle MacLachlan) as being the very best male character that TV has ever seen, and the thought of seeing him back on my TV screen, alongside Bobby, the Log Lady, and all the other colorful characters excites me to no end.

After all these years, why am I talking about seeing Dale Cooper again? Because I saw THIS video on YouTube yesterday:

Amazing and crazy, right?!?!!?

Yes, Twin Peaks is set to come out for a third season in 2016 on Showtime. If you’re a Twin Peaks junkie like I am, you are undoubtedly beside yourself with anticipation and unsure how you’re going to wait a year and a half to see it.

If you’ve never seen it, put down your Breaking Bad and your Orange is the New Black and begin binge watching it—it is one of the most freakishly bizarre and suspenseful shows ever to grace the airwaves. The movie version, Fire Walk with Me, is the prequel to the series but came out after the series had ended, so don’t watch the movie first.

Now pour yourself a cup of #damngoodcoffee and let the countdown begin!


I just found this Twin Peaks Pinterest Board and I might not be able to sleep tonight now.


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    I used to stay home Friday nights and watch TP. I’m beside myself.

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