the voice hits a perfect note with the new judges

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Reality talent shows are only as good as their judges panel. If the judges are highly likeable, uber attractive and/ or remarkably quippy, America will watch, regardless of what’s happening on the stage.

All four of the judges on The Voice‘s panel this season have all of those traits, in spades, particularly the newbies, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.

The blond ambitious lead rocker for No Doubt will undoubtedly reclaim the title of America’s Darling within the next week or two. Oldies like me will have their love for her rekindled while the youngsters will fall in love with her just like we did so many years ago. After the recent distasteful showings of other female singing role-models, watching Gwen be tasteful and classy is a breath of fresh air.

Then there’s Pharrell who has the Midas Touch in the music industry and an allure that is compelling and irresistible. Crazy big hat or not, this guy has got it goin’ on, especially when he stands up during a contestants performance, just to show how much he is digging the performance.

Of course, there’s still Adam & Blake who have been awesome all along. I can’t get enough of either of ‘em.

Don’t tell my friends at American Idol, but my kids haven’t stopped saying, “oh this is way better than American Idol,” and especially don’t tell them that I think my kids are right.

Out of singing reality shows, this one has my vote for #1 thanks to this compelling, attractive panel of judges. Oh, and the contestants have been pretty incredible so far this year too!

So . . . tune into The Voice, Mondays & Tuesdays 8-10PM on NBC and tell me who you would choose to be your coach!


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    Laura says:

    Great, just get me addicted to one more thing Mary!

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