beanie boos to the rescue

having the talk with your kids

The other day, my six-year-old told me that I can go ahead and give away her Pete the Cat books because they’re  too easy for her now. Then, my 8-year-old, Lily, chimed in with,

“But, Lexi, what if something out of the ordinary happens and mom gets pregnant?!”

Hysterical laughter ensued.

My crazed laughter made the girls start laughing and the three of us cracked up for a good five minutes.

I haven’t gotten into too much detail about the birds and the bees with them so they had no clue as to the many reasons I was laughing or just how “out of the ordinary” getting pregnant would be considering I’m at the “advanced age” of 42 AND on month 6 of being separated.

Lily wanted to continue the conversation with “Well, it would be nice to have a brother.”

“Yes, a brother would be nice, but how about a new Beanie Boo instead?”

Beanie Boos can help any situation


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