10 kegels a day keep the light bladder leakage away

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Poise Microliners and Socialstars. #lifeslittleleaks

Let me Poise a question to you: Do you do your Kegels every day? No? Me neither.

If I had as much fun doing Kegels as I do saying the word, I probably would be more apt to to do them and I wouldn’t be so bummed with the knowledge that women are supposed to be doing their inner-lady-part exercises on the daily.

Seriously, we’re supposed to be doing them DAILY. But who really does them daily? I’m lucky if I do them yearly.

Therein lies my problem.

I guess I wouldn’t be as concerned about those little bladder leaks that happen to women of my “advanced age,” when we jump, hear a joke, or, you know, sneeze, if I were more disciplined about doing them. I’d certainly feel much better about watching The Mindy Project, reading books like Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please,

Pee your pants laughing #lifeslittleleaks

or standing 5 feet away from Phillip Phillips.

Poise Phillip Phillips #lifeslittleleaks

So, I’ve been talking to some of my girlfriends who are in the medical profession and specialize in parts down under about how to incorporate Kegels into my life a little more often. Together we came up with some tips on

places to do them inconspicuously and how to remember to do them.

How to do kegels regularly #LifesLittleLeaks

7 inconspicuous places to do Kegels:

1. At a stop light

2. Checking out at grocery store

3. At the stove while waiting for popcorn to pop

4. Church

5. At the sink while brushing your teeth

6. On the couch while binge watching Scandal (or House of Cards or OITNB or any show du jour)

7. In the Jacuzzi

Now, if your problem with doing Kegels is actually remembering to do them (again, advanced age…), then this list will help you:

do kegels everyday to keep the light bladder leakage away #lifeslittleleaks

How to Make Kegels a Daily Practice:

1. Pick a place to do them (see above) and set a routine.

2. Come up with a jingle for your Kegels (i.e. “1, 2, 3, 4, Come on baby, do your Kegels, 5, 6, 7, times” a la Miami Sound Machine).

3. Set a goal–10 Kegels a day keeps the light bladder leakage away.

4. Walk by the adult diaper section of Target.

5. Call a friend and do them together (I’m kidding about this one. Sorta.).

This post has been somewhat informative and very tongue-in-cheek, but here’s the real deal. Kegels or no Kegels, Light Bladder Leakage can be a big problem for us lady-folk. It’s not something we’re excited about or proud of, but it’s one of the “perks” that comes along with being a woman (which I would MUCH rather be than a man, wouldn’t you?). If LBL is something that affects you, just know that One in three women experience LBL, so you’re very much not alone. Also? The crazy-thin Poise Microliners are made of SAM (Super Absorbent Material) and will change your life, or at least make it so you don’t have to change your undies every time you cough.

I was compensated for this post both monitarily and with a gigantic box of awesome, pee-my-pants-funny swag, including the Yes, Please book pictured above that I cannot wait to read. All opinions are my own.



  1. 1
    T. says:

    Remember the kegelciser!
    Off topic- you look great in that picture! I love your hat!

  2. 2
    Lindsay says:

    True story: after two kids, I was super frustrated with “LBL” and talked to my doctor about it. She suggested physical therapy. Yes, you read that correctly: physical therapy. Basically doing Kegels with someone else in the room checking on your “performance”. Super awkward. But…it totally helped!! If you can handle the awkwardness, talk to your doctor about it and ask about physical therapy. It definitely keeps you accountable! Or just do the Kegels on your own without the awkwardness. :-)

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