DreamWorks created My DreamWorld with Trolls and Justin Timberlake

If I were ever able to create my very own dream world, it would look something like this:

  • A landscape of brightly colored daisies and positive, funky, cool imagery
  • Musical-theatre-type dialogue where people burst into song anytime, anywhere
  • One universal “healthy” body type so no one worried about eating too much pizza or ice cream
  • Mandatory hugging at various times throughout the day
  • And? Justin Timberlake. All. Day. Long.

What if I told you such a world exists AND that I had the good fortune of visiting such a place?

Well, it does and I did.

Yes, dear readers, I found my very own personal heaven. It’s a land called Troll Village and soon, everyone will get to visit this utopia when the upcoming DreamWorks’ movie Trolls hits theaters on November 4th.

Trolls with Justin Timberlake

The masterminds behind the animated classic Shrek have created a hairy, merry fairytale that will make you laugh, cry and hug your neighbor.

My visit to this fantastical, magical world came by way of a media badge at Comic Con where I attended the Trolls Panel in Hall H and then sat in a blogger roundtable with Mike Murphy the director, Walt Dohrn the co-diretor, the producer Gina Shay, and stars of the film, Anna Kendrick, and the one and only Justin Timberlake.

Yes, I met friggin’ Justin Timberlake.

Mary & JT

Let’s just take a moment to reflect on that.

I met Justin Timberlake. Say wuuuutttt?!

If you’ve been a follower of the Mama Mary Show on any channel for any substantial period of time, you know that this is a situation of MONUMENTAL importance.

I’m a die-hard JT fan and can’t think of any of celebrity I’d rather meet. So besides being a cool experience to get a sneak peek of this adorable film, it was also one of the most memorable, exciting days of my life.

For any other JT fans out there, you’ll be happy to know, he truly is as charismatic, kind, funny, engaging and all-around-awesome as he seems. And yes, he smells good (that is the most common question I’ve been asked since the hair-raising encounter).

So enough about me and my new BF, onto the film…


The movie is magical and joyous and your face will hurt when you leave from smiling so much. We didn’t get to see the entire film, but from what we were shown it’s clear that Trolls has a perfect mix of humor and humanity, funny for both adults and kids. Despite being a perfect kids movie with funny, fast-paced humor and animation, it is also smart and irreverent and will take the parents back to their happy days of shag carpets, rainbows, and rollerskates.

Besides having Justin at the helm, my next favorite thing about Trolls is the side plot of “Hug Time.” Periodically, throughout the film, the trolls’ watches will chime, in unison they all say “HUG TIME!” and drop what they’re doing to hug (it reminds me of when my girls’ and I used to have “Hug Days”).

Hugs can solve world problems, friends. Trolls is proof of this.

Anna Kendrick lends her bubbly, bubblegum voice to the lead character of Poppy and the rest of the cast is full of crazy-good celebrities including James Corden, Zooey Deschanel, Gwen Stefani, Russell Brand, Icona Pop and more.

And JT fans, don’t worry, you’re going to get your fill of his luscious voice. Although his character does not align with the lighthearted, fun persona we all know and love, hearing the tenor of his voice is enough to make your hair stand on end (get it?) and once True Colors plays, you’ll be a puddle–puddle of goo and tears and smiles.

Trolls comes out in theaters on November 4th and I am counting down the days.

I will own this movie.

I will be setting my watch for daily Hug Times.

I will never be changing my Facebook profile pic.

Thank you, DreamWorks for making my DreamWorld come true.

Tune in later this week for a follow-up post on HOW this selfie came to be and more details on how the interview went down…



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    Vincent Jones says:

    Did you not like Anna Kendrick? You mention her, but don’t say what she was like. The way the line about “the rest of the cast is full of crazy-good celebrities,” kind of makes it sound like you’re saying everyone else in the movie is good but she’s not. That’s kind of how I read it at least. I’m curious what you really thought of her. Love the site!

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