Meet Mary

I’m Mary Burt-Godwin and I’ll be your host. Yes, I know, it’s totally 80s to hyphenate my last name but my father passed away two months after my wedding so when I went to the Social Security office I simply couldn’t get rid of the Burt. Now it is who I am, albeit annoying when I go to check in at an event and I don’t know whether I should get in the A-E line or the F-L line. I invariably choose the wrong one first.

Before you read-on, check out this video to get to know the real me:

Now that you know I have no shame to my game, here is my bio, Cliff Notes style. I was born and raised in San Diego, went to UCSB undergrad with a degree in Sociology (translation: didn’t know what I wanted to do so picked the major that I had the most credits towards in order to graduate in four years).

My jobs have included Extras Casting Coordinator at Stu Segall Productions where I went to strip bars to hold casting sessions (you have seen Silk Stalkings haven’t you?), Actor & Stage Manager for local theatre & independent films, Entertainment Supervisor at LEGOLAND California, Corporate Event Planner, and most recently, a Social Media Consultant and Ghost Writer for various companies.

Random things to know:

  • I heart Justin Timberlake, all things pop culture, chai tea lattes and The Chargers.
  • I was a contestant on Don’t Forget the Lyrics.
  • Slow draining drains and unicorns give me the heebie jeebies.
  • Matching socks after laundry and sorting Tupperware are the banes of my existence.
  • I laugh and cry and sing a lot.
  • I have a gold tooth.
  • If you hang out with me long enough you will most certainly hear me say either, “Oh, I love this song,” or, “Oh my god, I have to go pee.” Or both.

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Hope you enjoy the show!

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