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sports-related performance anxiety, quitting sports and balancing sports with school

tough parenting questions about sports and kids on Fox 5

This week’s Ask the Moms segment was shot on location at Petco Park, in honor of Opening Day, and featured several sports themed questions, including:

– How to help your kid who has performance anxiety
– What to do if your kid wants to quit a sport mid-way through the season
– How to help your kids balance school, sports, extracurriculars etc.

We needed umbrellas and a good sense of humor for this segment since it began raining just before we went live. Also? I dropped some Jay Z lyrics, so I’m feeling pretty solid about this one.

lots of juicy parenting topics and the new spring collection from children’s place as seen on fox 5

We had another fun day at Fox 5 this week. Here are the parenting questions we tackled in our first Ask the Moms segment:

  • What to do if you don’t like your daughter’s boyfriend
  • Should parents reward kids with sugary treats?
  • How to motivate teen to get his driver’s license


My kiddos also got in on the action this week as the lovely Chloe Noelle of Kids Korner and True Blood fame hosted a spring fashion show with darling outfits via Children’s Place.  We even got to keep the clothes, so Lexi now has her Easter dress! 

New spring fashions for 2014 from The Children's Place

Check out the entire collection in this clip below. (more…)

finding balance as a teen, giving allowance, and music lessons as seen on fox 5 san diego

Parenting Questions on Ask the Moms Fox 5 San Diego with Brad Wills

On today’s Ask the Moms, we discussed the following topics:

  • How do you help teenagers to de-stress and balance out their lives?
  • What age is it appropriate to start giving an allowance and how much?
  • What age should kids begin music lessons?
We had a new set today and were a little crammed, but we had coffee mugs which was a BONUS, and we had a lot of fun discussing the topics.  You can watch the segment below and if you ever have a question of your own, you can submit it to me at mary [@] mamamaryshow [dot] com. 

the delta airlines breastfeeding debacle and the muffintop viral video as seen on fox 5 san diego

dancing to the muffin top rap viral video on fox 5

Oh what a fun segment our mom panel had this past Tuesday, as you can see from this photo, as we discussed a wide variety of topics from the woman who tweeted to Delta airlines about breastfeeding her child, to morality being an innate trait in humans, to the Muffintop Rap video that is going viral. If you stay tuned til the last minute of the show, you’ll see some serious moves by Erica Fox and our mom panel. Still can’t believe we did this!


setting guidelines for kids and their devices

How to set rules for your kids and their gaming technology

Much like the “Back to School Contract” that my friend Stefanie of has established with her teenage boys that spells out her expectations for their grades, chores, and over-all behavior during the school year, I think that kids should have a similar set of rules and expectations to accompany their technology devices.

Kids need guidelines and limitations and a clear understanding of the rules, so setting boundaries and rules when it comes to gaming devices is (more…)

how to deal with aggressive behavior in boys, power struggles and bad influencer friends

Today’s Fox 5 San Diego segment had a “wild” theme, complete with “curious creatures” and safari wear, so our mom panel played along and all wore animal print dresses, and addressed topics related to “wild” behavior. Here are the three questions we addressed:

  • How to handle aggressive behavior in boys?
  • How to handle power struggles & temper tantrums in a 3 year old
  • What to do if your kid/teen has friends who are a bad influence?

Watch our segment below tips and advice on all three topics.