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helping kids transition to grade school, getting into the entertainment industry, and technology for toddlers as seen on fox 5 san diego

Ask the Moms as seen on Fox 5 San Diego Morning News

On today’s Ask the Moms segment, we tackled three very diverse topics:

1) How to help a 1st grader who is having a hard time transitioning from Kindergarten.

2) Electronic, educational toys and gadgets for babies and toddlers (like these).

3) The pros and cons of getting kids into the entertainment industry (which I just blogged about yesterday since I knew this question was coming. You can read my post for more detailed tips).

If you have any burning parenting questions you are dying to ask, send your video question to mary [at] mamamaryshow [dot] com or tweet your question to me at @MamaMaryShow with the #AsktheMoms hashtag.

5 tips and tricks for getting kids to sleep at night

Bedtime can be tricky for parents of adolescents. There are some rules of thumb that I always try to abide by (not unfailingly though), such as no TV, electronics, or sugar after dinner, that help our night time routine tremendously, but even so, I still sometimes find that my kids aren’t able to go to sleep right away. Here are some tricks I’ve come up with over the past few months in my quest to get my kids down smoothly and swiftly.

Tricks for Getting Your Kids to Sleep at Night

Tips and tricks for getting kids to sleep at night

1. Three deep breaths: As soon as my kids get under the covers and the lights go off, we all do three deep cleansing breaths that we learned in Mommy in Me Yoga to calm down. Make sure they breathe in deeply for 6-8 seconds and then blow out for 10-12 seconds.
2. Reverse psychology: Do you remember the song “Stay Awake” from Mary Poppins? If so, you know how well this song worked on the Banks kids. And if not, read the lyrics below. Well singing that song, or even just daring them to NOT fall asleep will send them to la la land quicker than you can say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
3. Yawn, a lot. If you’re singing, reading or telling your kids a story at bedtime, throw in some yawns every once in awhile. Yawns are contagious and they will make your kids sleepy!
4. Massages or back scratches. Have the lights off, and tell them that (more…)

how to talk to kids about cancer as seen on fox 5 news

Todays’s Ask the Moms segment on Fox 5 was cut a little short due to some breaking news, but we had time to tackle one tough parenting question on how a parent can talking to your kids after one of the parents is diagnosed with cancer. This subject is close to my heart since one of my best friends battled cancer a few years back, while in her 30’s and with two young children.

In the video below, the psychologist on our panel, Dr. Rachel Goldenhar (who is amazing, by the way, if you are in the market for some therapy), has great advice for parents who are dealing with this tough situation.

In the video below, I mention (more…)

how to help girls build a strong self-esteem and how to help stressed out teens

Tips on how to help girls with positive body image

We covered two hot topics for parents on yesterday’s Fox 5 Ask the Moms. The first question was about how to help out a stressed out senior and the other was about how to help young girls establish a healthy body image.

In doing research on the subject of helping girls with their self esteem, I found a few great articles, including this one listing nine ways you can help build your daughter’s self esteem. Being a mom of two young daughters, this topic is particularly important to me right now, and the biggest point made by the therapist, Tracy Carson, in the segment below, and also in the article, is that the best way to help our girls’ self-esteem and positive body image is to have a healthy body image ourselves.

That point got me thinking about how much I talk about wanting/needing to get a Dailey Method class or not eating certain foods because they’re bad for me. I try never to use the words skinny or fat and I want to make sure I am not putting too much emphasis on the wrong things, but it’s certainly a challenge, considering weight is something is on my mind all of the time. I have another post brewing about how I (more…)

healthy snacks, misbehaving first graders, and kids’ extracurricular activities

This week’s Ask the Moms video segment focused on three very different topics:

1) What do you do if your kid wants to quit his or her extracurricular activity?

Force them to stay because you made the commitment or move on to the next activity since you want them to be happy doing what they are doing outside of the classroom? It’s kinda a combo of both. See how we answered in the video below.
P.S. This subject reminds me of one of my favorite SNL sketches where Will Ferrell is yelling at his Little League playing son to “GET ON THE BAG!

Ask the moms on Fox 5 San Diego handle questions on extracurricular activities

2) What to do for a 1st grader who is misbehaving in class?

There are a lot of potential causes for a kid to misbehave in class. Rachel, the psychologist on the panel, always says, “If he is misbehaving it’s because he not having his needs met.” The tricky part is (more…)

diy halloween costumes as seen on fox 5 san diego

Costume parade of fox 5 with local san diego bloggers and kids

Another DIY Halloween costume segment on Fox 5 has come and gone. Each year the costumes get more and more creative. I pulled my SuperMom get-up together the day before, thanks to Target.


For more details on the costumes, check out this post:

And be sure to follow the following moms who participated: