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wishes for my daughter on her 8th birthday

My baby girl’s turned 8 years old a few weeks ago, but holy sunrises and sunsets, she’s definitely not a baby anymore. She’s an all-grownsed-up nearly-tween who can complete a triathlon, read chapter books, and cruise waves on a boogie …

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how to talk to your tweens about puberty

Last week my almost 8 year old daughter and her BFF had a debate over the words puberty and period. My daughter Lily had heard me talk about periods (as in, “sorry mommy’s grouchy, it’s my period week) and her friend had heard the word puberty on one of those darned Disney “people” shows. To set the record straight, they decided to ask her friend’s dad to explain “puberty and periods” which led to an awkward pause and then a pretty common reply of, “go ask your mother.”

Upon hearing this story, it occurred to me that, ding, ding, ding, it’s time to have the puberty talk with Lily.


I asked on my Facebook page how and when other moms broached this subject and came up with some great replies including using the American Girl Doll book called, The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls, Revised Edition and also in-home seminars called, Healthy Chats, which sound more like a Saturday Night Live sketch than someplace I’d want to be with my daughter, but I’ve heard awesome things about them so I will most likely be trying them out.

Coincidentally, our Fox 5 Ask the Moms panel received a video question regarding talking to kids about (more…)