holy crap, i love my bobeau sweater

My latest installment of, “Holy Crap, I Love This,” features my newest favorite wardrobe item . . . my Bobeau sweater from Nordstrom. This thing is all sorts of awesome in more ways than I can count. Watch this vid to see why! (more…)

valentine’s day cards can blow me, away

Are there any other moms out there feeling just a wee bit overwhelmed by all the Valentine’s Day craftiness happening? Well, I am. I am feeling like a big failure in the crafty department, at least I was, until my five year old and I am came up with a totally random, and probably not very cute Valentine’s Day card idea. Watch the video above to see what we came up with.  (more…)

holy crap, i love these boot cuffs

This week I am starting a new vlogging series entitled, “Holy Crap, I Love This!” because I catch myself saying those words about various things in my life with probably abnormal frequency and I’d like to share my passion for these various inanimate objects with all of you. This week’s “Holy Crap” item(s) is going to keep you in style without fear of sweaty, stinky feet. You’re welcome. (more…)

my american idol backstage pass and why you should watch season xiii

I cannot think of a better way to end my 2013 (besides a threesome with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake, and by threesome I mean a 3-way game of Yahtzee of course), than to end it on the American Idol stage. And that, my friends, is what I did. (more…)

about time review and happy birthday, dad

Today would have been my dad’s 82nd birthday. It’s hard to imagine him that age. My mom makes 82 look vibrant and even enviable, but I’m afraid that my dad’s Parkinson’s would have made his life miserable at this age, if the cancer hadn’t taken him first.

There is a very specific memory I have of my dad from my college days. It’s a night we danced the night away at a father daughter dance and I tell the story in this week’s vlog. I also review the film, About Time, in this vlog, which, (more…)

how to shoot video on your iphone — a public service announcement

Now that everyone and even some grandmas have smart phones or some sort of device that shoots video, everyone and even some grandmas are becoming more and more apt to capture footage of their kids, or their dinner, or whatever random run-of-the-mill thing they see. The problem with this is that many people are holding their cameras the WRONG WAY!

Yes, when taking photos it is great to hold the camera vertically (which means up and down for those of you who missed that day in school), however, when shooting video, you need to (more…)