what’s new and different with me, you ask?

Several people have made comments that I have been looking different lately. Well, it’s also the same reason I probably won’t do a lot of swimming in the pool this summer. This video will explain.

And if after watching, you want to look different too, leave me a comment and I’ll message you my contact’s info. She is a miracle worker!

how to get rid of puffy eyes

I’m very familiar with having a puffy face. Before the age of thirty, I didn’t realize the correlation between drinking too much alcohol, not drinking enough water, and eating too much salt, with having puffy face. Not that it would have mattered; even if I had known the correlation I probably still would have had too much alcohol and then indulged in a 2 am snack of some salty kind or another. Nevertheless, I really could have used some of the knowledge contained in this video, that I have gleaned over the past few years, way back in my twenties. And now, (more…)

a lincoln review and oscar predictions

In anticipation of the Academy Awards this weekend, Steve and I went to see Lincoln on our last date nightsince it’s one of the most highly touted films of the year. It’s truly a remarkable film and one that stayed with me for a few days afterward. The video above is a quick review of the film, coming from the perspective of this avid Les Mis fan. I also make some Oscar predictions so tune in!


a les miserables movie review

Here, in my latest video, I recap what it was like for me to see the film version of the most beloved musicals of all time, Les Misérables. If you have never seen the stage production of Les Misérables, this video may not make a lot of sense, so go read the Three Things You Should Know Before Seeing Les Misérables for some tips for newbies. But, if you are a Les Mis freak like I am, (more…)

20 things to know by 40

Invariably during my morning ritual of pushing snooze five-to-ten times and then sifting through my emails to see what latest hoax is floating around Facebook or how many 20% off sales are happening, something in my inbox catches my eye. Yesterday morning it was this heading: (more…)

help! my kids want a cat for christmas!

I really should not be posting this video if I ever want to make something of my currently-non-existent-but-possible-future friendship with Ellen Degeneres, because well, I don’t think she would befriend me if she heard what I’m about to admit to the myriad people (like four) who will view it. Also, I might be losing lots of friends, viewers and followers with this too. But, I am in deep doo-doo and (more…)