once you go tablet . . .

I must admit something to you all. I have done something I SWORE I would NEVER do. I made the switch from reading real books to reading books on my iPad.

Yes, I did it.

Don’t lynch me. (more…)

who the hell invented balloons?

The other day I listed the top seven things that irritate me. As soon as I hit publish on that post, I realized I could have listed another hundred items, at the top of which would have been balloons. Clearly whoever invented balloons was not a mother because they are way more annoying to a mom than they are fun for a kid. Here is (more…)

5 ways you know you’re 40

Well my birthday month is officially over and I made it in one piece, surprisingly. Not only was it a fun-filled month, with celebrations and special events, but it was also filled with a lot of stress, illness and injury. A friend of mine who also had a hard/busy month just asked me if I wanted to buy a T-shirt that says, “I survived March 2012.” I told her I was getting it tattooed on my lower back.

Even though  my birthday month is over, (more…)

how to prepare for your 40th birthday

Warning: Video contains mature language. Well, just one five letter word that describes male genitalia. But still. Probably not suitable for children.

My 40th Birthday is less than 60 days away, folks. As I do with any major impending event or rite of passage, I get a little wiggy. I do weird shit in hopes of shedding a few pounds and looking my best, as is demonstrated in my latest video blog. (more…)

i’m a belieber

As if my trip to Disneyland Resort last week did not renew my belief in magic enough, a wondrous occurrence took place this past weekend that has not only renewed my sense of magic, but also my belief in human kindness.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a fellow blogger, Anna See, who’s son Jack was killed tragically in a flood. My post was a (more…)

my interview with 50/50 writer, will reiser, at the san diego film festival

I am not sure which to thank, coincidence or kismet, but somehow the planets aligned this week to land me on the red carpet of the Opening Night of the San Diego Film Festival with the talented Will Reiser, cancer survivor and writer of the new movie, 50/50. This film, a semi-auto-biographical story about a young guy in his twenties who is diagnosed with cancer, depicts this real, raw subject matter through humor and friendship.

The coincidence/kismet of interviewing Reiser comes from the fact that one day prior to meeting him on Wednesday, my best friend Amy, (more…)