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Parenting Questions with the Moms on Fox 5 san diego

Mary Burt-Godwin began her blog, The Mama Mary Show, in 2008, as a platform to reach women about her book, Dead Dads Club. Since then, her site has morphed into an entertaining and sometimes irreverent look at life, loss, motherhood and pop culture via videos and blog posts. She appears weekly in the Fox 5 News Ask the Moms segments and is a contributing writer for, MomSmack, and She also works as a social media strategist for Sunset Social Media and Casual Fridays. Mary is a native San Diegan, die hard Charger fan, former UCSB Gaucho, and currently lives in Carlsbad with her two daughters, ages (8) & (6).


The Mama Mary Show viewers are predominantly women, ages 23-53. Many of them are moms, both those that work and those who stay at home. They come to The Mama Mary Show to find humor and solace around what it’s like to be a mom in this fast-paced, tech-centric society.


• Monthly Page Views: 102,000+
• Twitter Followers: 8,500+
• YouTube Subscribers: 600+
• Facebook: 1150+


• Weekly “Ask the Moms” segments on Fox 5 Morning News
• Featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer & Nightline
• Periodic parenting segments on Evening NBC 7 News
• Multiple celebrity interviews on red carpets and press junkets including: Jim Carrey, Zac Efron, Betty White, and the cast of Pitch Perfect.


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    To participate, parents just need to submit a photo of their child dressed in their most patriotic garb to this link:

    If their child makes the top 10, families are invited to join us down at our BIG BAY BOOM! Celebration at The Hilton Bayfront where San Diego’s Most Patriotic Kid will be crowned.

    The first place winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship from Murphy’s Kids Foundation while second place gets a 4 pack of single day tickets to Disneyland!

    Please spread the word about this awesome contest and we hope to see you there!

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