11 signs your toddler’s becoming a tween

I hear it all the time, “One minute your child is a toddler in diapers and then, suddenly, you blink, and she’s headed off to college.” Every day, recently, I am being reminded of this damned truth and realizing that I don’t have toddlers anymore.

They’re not quite tweens yet, so I’m not sure what to call them (Tweedlers? Tweenlers?), but in one more blink they will be full-fledged tweens, and this is how I know:

11 Signs Your Toddler's Becoming a Tween

1. She’d rather sit next to her “bestie” during the scary part of a movie rather than coming to sit on my lap.

2. Eye. Rolls.

3. She suggests that maybe I shouldn’t wear that 2-piece to the beach.

4. Disney Junior is dead to her. It’s “people shows” or bust.

5. When offered a chance to sleep in my bed when dad is out of town, she politely declines.

6. Olives on her pizza rather than just cheese.

7. Smile for a photo? Not a chance.

8. She’d rather a One Direction themed party with karaoke more than a Frozen themed party with a bounce house.

9. The term “selfie alert” gets thrown around, even though she doesn’t have her own phone.

10. Showering together risks

should people post naked pictures of their toddlers on the internet?

should facebook ban parents for posting naked pictures of kids

I’m very curious as to why people post naked photos of their children on the Internet. Can someone please explain it to me?

If the photo of your little cherub’s bum is so stinking cute (pun intended), then why not just frame it and put it on your wall, or upload it to a private photo album on SmugSmug, share it with the fam, and let it be.

The Internet, be it Facebook, Instagram, a personal blog or any other place on the World Wide Web, is NO PLACE for naked children. I don’t care if it’s an “innocent” photo of an Gerber-esque looking toddler climbing out of the bathtub–I don’t think it’s appropriate to share it on a public Internet space.

I am bringing this up in response to a story I found on TheStir and that our Ask the Moms Panel discussed the past Tuesday (and we actually disagreed on).

Here’s the story in a nutshell as I understand it:

  • Creative photographer took a photo of two little girls, playing at the beach, with one of the little girls’ butts showing, in an attempt to replicate the famous Coppertone ad of yore.
  • Said photographer pasted said photo on the Coppertone Facebook page.
  • Someone flagged it as inappropriate
  • Facebook took it down.
  • Facebook then messaged the photographer with a warning to not post the photo a second time, otherwise she risked being “banned for life.”

Is everyone in this situation taking things a little too far? Yes, probably.

From what we can tell through the graphically enhanced revision of the photo, it doesn’t look like much of the girl’s bum was showing in the first place.

Should parents be banned from Facebook for posting naked pictures of their kids?

Also? She’s under 2.

Also? Banned for life?!?!?!? That’s a pretty extreme punishment.

Or is it?

This past week we discussed this very topic on Ask the Moms and we all had varying opinions on this matter.

Rachel Goldenhar, a Clinical Psychologist, brought up the point that we as parents shouldn’t be posting anything that could potentially be embarrassing to our kids, because they might very well be faced with dealing with it re-surfacing during their tween years.

The anchor, Erica Fox thinks everyone is being too crazy about the whole thing and who cares about a little girl’s butt?

But, I say, STOP POSTING NAKO PHOTOS of your kids. I don’t care

7 things new moms need (that no one ever tells them)

This post is part of a campaign for Poise Microliners, sponsored by Socialstars. All opinions are 100% my own and (unfortunately) all of the things I’m writing about are very true. I’m sorry and you’re welcome. #PoisewithSAM

Below is a list I felt was necessary to share with those of you unsuspecting new or soon-to-be moms out there. It contains items that you are going to need that most likely no one else told you about:

Items new moms need that no one will tell them

1. Donut – Nope, not the kind you eat, but the pillow kind, that you SIT on. That area down yonder is mighty sore after giving birth so the simple act of sitting is not very simple (nor comfortable) for a few days, or longer. I recommend the Boppy pillow (though I recommend My Breast Friend for nursing).

2. Soothies — For some women, nursing is painless and simple, but for many it is not. The words cracked, chafed and bleeding as they pertain to nipples are not something any woman wants to think about, but they’re a reality. Have several packs of the miraculously soothing Lanisoh Soothies gel pads by your bedside.

3. Poise Microliners – These puppies are for something fun called light bladder leakage. Yes, light bladder leakage (LBL) is actually a thing, and yes, it will most likely happen to you. Accept it and move on. Oh and use this link to get a free Poise sample.

4. Colace – Four words: First post-baby poop. Seriously, it’s scarier than child birth. Stock up on Colace or any stool softener of your choice.

Speaking of stool, the next thing on my list is . . .

5. Nursing Stool – Back pain is a given with all the lifting and lugging, so one tip to help with back pain is to make sure your body is in the right position while nursing. Get a little stool for your feet and your body will be aligned better while nursing and/or rocking your babe.

6. A notepad (or some method to write down all of your thoughts)– This is not just to

5 promises to keep during sandal season

Summer is in full swing which means most of us are busting out our flip-flops, wedges, mandals and other open-toe shoe varietals. Therefore, it is time for a quick reminder of general open-toe shoe etiquette.  These promises are not required by law, they are merely considered common courtesy to those around you.

 Open toe shoe pledge for the summer

1. Get a pedicure once every few weeks. Don’t be afraid or paranoid like Elaine on Seinfeld–they’re not talking about you and there’s only a very small chance you’ll get a fungal disease.

If you’re not keen on public pedis, vow to do your own toes every 3 weeks and invest in a home pedi kit.

NOTE: Touching up a chipped toe 3 times in a row does NOT constitute a pedicure.

2. File, loofah, and lube those heels. Often.

TIP: If you have problem heels like I do, lube those suckers up with Aquaphor or Vaseline at night and sleep with socks.

3. Know and embrace your shoe size. Nothing is worse than a heel hanging over the back or toes popping out the side of a tight sandal like pigs in a blanket.

4. Birkenstocks. Just Say No. 

5. Shave. If you’re of the dark-hair persuasion, consider, strongly, shaving those big toes.


Years ago, when I worked at an event planning company where we had a lax dress code during the summer months, my bosses busted out an

how to prevent temper tantrums and meltdowns in a restaurant

how to handle screaming kids in a restaurant

Last week, on Fox 5′s Ask the Moms, we were asked, “What should I do if my kid has a screaming temper tantrum in the middle of a restaurant?”

The short answer to that question is, stay calm, and swiftly remove the spazzy child from the venue, stat.

The reasons for that are twofold. One, you want to teach your kiddo that screaming t’aint a means to an end.

Also, it’s common courtesy to those around you who are trying enjoy their meal.

Tantrums and fits are bound to happen when young families try to dine out, but here are some tips to take to avoid the spin outs and melt downs in the first place:

PREPARE: Even if you’re going to a casual place like Mickie D’s or Starbucks, tell them what kind of behavior you expect from them and that you will leave if they don’t behave (and then you HAVE to follow through!)

PREVENT: Be sure neither you nor your child is not overly hungry or cranky (or as Tina Fey calls it, Hangry). Nothing good can come out of a hangry mom, dad or child when trying to dine out.

DISTRACT: In the world of iDevices and other such gaming mechamnisms, there is no excuse for not having a distraction for your kid. If you’d rather not rely on tech gadgets, then go for the old fashioned toys like rattles, blocks and coloring books, whatever, just have something to keep them occupied.

RESEARCH: Not all kids menus are created equally. Use your friend Google to

sytycd season 11 favorites and predictions

Oh friends, my favorite reality performance show is back! Season 11 of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) is back on and from what I’ve seen so far it might just be the best season ever, and not in the way that every Bachelor Rose Ceremony is the “MOST ROMANTIC EVER” for drama’s sake, but honestly the talent across the board this year is phenomenal.

Out of the Top 20 , the at-home audience only got to know a handful of the dancers through the early auditions so it’s hard to pick my favorites at this juncture, but based on what I’ve seen so far, here are my picks for the Top 4.

Picks for top dancers SYTYCD Season 11


RICKY UBEDA: This guy is ridiculous. Check out his final solo and you’ll see why he deserves to win, like tomorrow.

I love several of the other guys but my pick for 2nd best guy is:

MARCQUET HILL: He is talented in all areas of dance, including tap and ballroom, and, he has a darling personality. I think he’s