cooking both sweet and savory with pepperidge farm puff pastry

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry which I jumped at the chance to write because it meant I could get paid to eat delicious food, hang out with my blogger friends, AND learn how to make easy, yummy recipes, which you know I am always looking to do!

how to use puff pastry to make desserts and savory dishes

Last week I attended a “Home-Gating” party at my girl Theresa’s house with ten other bloggers and a whole lotta puff pastry. You could say I was in puff-heaven.

To be honest, before last week, I had never cooked or baked with puff pastry because I was intimidated by it, but after I saw (and tasted) the results, I was sold. Now I will be sure to have at least one box of both the Pepperidge Farms Puff Pastry sheets AND one box of the Puff Pastry shells in my freezer at all times.

For those of you who are like me (not super savvy in the kitchen), Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry is going to become your new best friend. You can literally make a million different items, both sweet and savory, with

everything’s alright

does getting stitches on the chin hurt?excellent lullaby everything's alright

I’ve been singing that sweet, soothing refrain to my daughters since they were babies. Actually, I’ve been singing it to anyone who becomes ill or needs calming (or will listen) since 1990 when I saw the movie Jesus Christ Superstar for the first time.

This past Saturday night, while on vacation in Palm Springs, I sang it to my 6 year old, but not in a dark quiet room as she gently fell into a deep slumber like usual, but rather in bright, cold, Emergency Room as she screamed and fidgeted under the needle and thread of an ER doc.

Approximately 53 minutes earlier, we had been having a dance party to our Summer 2014 Pop Hop playlist–joy and spunk filling the air. When suddenly, in a flash, the coordinated, adept feet of my dancing 6 year old betrayed her, with the help of a few slippery Uno cards, and she slipped, landing chin-first on the hard tile. From the speed of the fall and the pitch of her shriek, I knew before even seeing the blood or the wound that a trip to the ER was imminent.

She was terrified of getting stitches. She had had the glue a few years prior for a gash near her eye, so she knew that pain was in her future.

I had never had or even see stitches, ever in my life, so I was a bit terrified too. But I put on my brave mommy panties and stoic mommy face and reassured her that everything was going to be alright, even though I too knew that pain was in her future.

After waiting patiently behind the peaches and cream ER curtain for the numbing cream to take effect, and reviewing all the items on her Christmas wish list, it was finally time.

The events that followed happened in an unsettling flurry of activity and fear.  Before I knew it, the

halloween nail art for the novice artists and non-pinterest-y moms like me

After dabbling around a little in a little Halloween nail art fun last year, this year I decided to get a little nuttier with the designs so I searched Pinterest and of course found a crap ton of amazingly fun and spooky nail designs. Some were WAY out of my league, as are most crafty/DIY things on Pinterest, but hey, I might as well try, right?

I chose a few simple, realistic designs that could be done with the colors I had. Here are the links to the Pinterest images.

Knowing that my artistic skills are limited, I didn’t expect much so then when I got this outcome, I was pretty excited.

Here is the end product (from afar and/or if you’re squinting they look pretty good):

spooky halloween nail art for the non artistThey are pretty non-perfect and a little scary, but hey, it’s Halloween and scary is the name of the game. Also, they’re a ton of fun and pretty easy to do.

Be sure to get some of the thin-tipped polish–that’s the only way to do the detailed stuff. The end of a bobby pin works well for some items, but it’s too thick to do the very thin lines (I didn’t have white which is why the mummies on my pinkies look like zebras).

To see all the wickedly awesome nail art ideas out there in the world, just search Halloween nail art on Pinterest and you will get a cauldron full of ideas.

7 things i bet you didn’t know about your hairspray

Does anyone else have a mild love affair going on with their hair salon (I think probably many of you do because yesterday I posted a question on The Mama Mary Show Facebook page about which one single beauty treatment people would keep if they had to give up all beauty enhancements except one, and nearly everyone said they would keep coloring their hair)?

Well, I for one, am madly in love with my hair salon, Bryll Hairl Lounge, and in particular, my stylist Lauren. She’s so stinking cute I can’t stand it. And? She makes me look gooood.

Hair Spray Tips and Tricks from Bryll Hair Lounge

The other day, as Lauren and I were chatting, we came up with the brylliant idea to brainstorm all the different cool facts and uses for hairspray. Here is what we came up with (I didn’t know several of them so I bet you don’t either):

7 uses and tips for hairspray

1) Hairspray can be used to stop runs in tights.

2) Hairspray can get rid of static cling (so can a safety pin, by the way).

3) Don’t just spray it after your style–prior to styling your hair, spray the hairspray all over your head to create a hold foundation (just don’t

advice on potty training and getting toddlers to share, plus tweens sharing passwords

Ask the Moms tackly Potty Training, toddler sharing battles and teens sharing passwords

Need advice and tips on potty training your toddler? Have you reached the “no way am I sharing my toy” phase with your two year old yet? Well then today’s Ask the Moms segment on Fox 5 San Diego is for you. Both toddler dilemmas are discussed, as well as the issue facing tweens and teens of sharing social media passwords (yes–kids are sharing their passwords and it’s scary). And for fun, while you’re watching, try to catch the part where I totally

why i loved the ending of gone girl

Why I loved the ending of Gone Girl by Mama Mary Show

I loved the ending of Gone Girl, both the book AND the movie versions (though they really weren’t as different as the media said they were going to be), for several reasons.


First of all,  it’s fiction, far-fetched fiction. Though Amy Elliott Dunne proves to be a certifiable psychopath who, in the real world, should never be able to get away scott-free with such a deranged plan, the ending had to evoke high emotion and drama in order to match the level of crazy in the rest of the book.

When finishing the book I remember thinking, wait, is that it? Is that how it ends? But after more consideration I realized there was not a more perfect ending. Of course they end up together, who else are they going to be with? And how else could it possibly end that fits the characters and the underlying vibe of the book (a BlogHer blogger agrees with me on this one)?

Which leads me to the next point. . .