how to get your blog in the news and what to do once you’re there–part 2

How to pitch to media outlets  for bloggers


This post is Part 2 in a 3-part series on “How to Get Your Blog On the News and What to Do Once You’re There.” Two weeks ago I posted tips on sending a pitch letter to local media outlets based on the presentation that Jennifer Chidester of Modern PR and I gave at the last Bloggy Boot Camp + Women Get Social Conference, and today I’m providing tips on what to do once you’ve booked the gig.



1. Show up early! Since it’s live TV, anything can happen, and the producer will appreciate you if you can go on early if their schedule gets out of whack.

2. Ask all of your questions ahead of time in an email. The morning of is not the time to ask questions.


  • Which anchor will be doing the segment with me?
  • Do you know you approximate length of the segment (this will help you know how much info to prepare)?
  • Who should I check in with when I arrive?
  • What will be the text in my “lower third.” Clarify with them what you want to read on the screen below you. They probably won’t use your url, but you can have your full name or your blog name or your Twitter handle so decide ahead of time. This is where they can “scratch your back” so be sure you put in your two cents.

3. Be prepared. Rehearse what you’re going to say and time yourself. Practice speaking slowly. On-set jitters invariably cause us to

parent teacher conferences, katy perry concerts and mean girls as seen on fox 5 san diego

Fox 5 Morning News Moms panel

Did you know that you should probably prepare for your child’s parent-teacher conference? And how old do you think kids should be before going to a Katy Perry (or any pop star) concert? Oh, and how do parents help their kids avoid cliques? All of these questions were discussed on our Fox 5 San Diego Ask the Moms panel today. (Also? I have quite a hair flip happening in thie video still below). Check out the video for the goods.

how to get your blog in the news and what to do once you’re there–part 1

Tips on getting your blog on the news

A few months ago, I gave a talk called “How to Get Your Blog in the News and What to Do Once You’re There,” at the Women Get Social blogging conference with PR guru Jennifer Chidester of Modern PR. This post is a condensed version of our presentation hitting the highlights of what to do before, during and after you’re on the news.


1. Define the “what, how, why” of your pitch.

  • What will your segment be about
  • How can you present the information that is newsworthy and/or timely
  • Why are you the best person to present said information (also, why do viewers need/want the information.

2. Time your attack. What holiday or major event is coming up that can tie in with what you are pitching?

For example, pitching a book called Dead Dads Club to media outlets, would make sense around Father’s Day and then again before the Holidays because the subject of fathers and of loss are relevant at those times of year. 

3. Research the media outlets and determine which ones are right for your material and the

a letter to my daughters about our separation

How to talk to kids about getting separated

My dearest Lily & Lexi,

I have something to confess.

I had a lot of fun tonight, while you were at your dad’s. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s true.

Five months ago, the thought of spending nights away from you on a regular basis literally made my stomach hurt. That’s one of the main reason I fought against the separation for so long. I hated the thought of you doing anything cute or fun or for-the-first-time without me, and still do, really, but now that the separation is a reality, I have had to

top 10 movie soundtracks of all time

best movie soundtracks

Ever since watching Begin Again this past weekend (which I highly recommend you rent or stream, stat), I have had its soundtrack on repeat via Spotify. It’s not a long soundtrack, and some of the songs double (even triple up) but I enjoyed the film so much that listening to the music makes me feel like I am back in the film’s space and time, and I feel that much closer to Adam Levine.

Pulling up the Begin Again soundtrack got me thinking about movie soundtracks in general, and then tonight on The Voice, a contestant sang “Stuck in the Middle With You,” from the 90’s classic Reservoir Dogs, and I knew I had to compile this list of Best Movie Soundtracks.

These are in no particular order, but if you haven’t heard these soundtracks all the way through, you’ve got some good music listening ahead of you. And I’ve pulled my favorite track from each album as a little teaser.

1. Pulp Fiction — This movie and this soundtrack changed my life.

2. Reservoir Dogs — Three of life’s best songs all on one album: Hooked on a Feeling, Stuck in the Middle With You, and Coconut.

3. Pretty in Pink — I wouldn’t be a true product of the 80’s if I didn’t include at least one John Hughes film soundtrack on this list.

4. The Big Chill – Oh how I need to watch this movie now that I’m old enough to understand it. One thing I’ve always understood is how

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preschool separation and adjusting to new baby
Almost all parents have to deal with separation anxiety kids at one point or another. Today our Ask the Moms panel tackled that issue, as well as how to get quality time with your kids with a busy, working mom schedule and how to introduce a baby into a combined family.