advice on potty training and getting toddlers to share, plus tweens sharing passwords

Ask the Moms tackly Potty Training, toddler sharing battles and teens sharing passwords

Need advice and tips on potty training your toddler? Have you reached the “no way am I sharing my toy” phase with your two year old yet? Well then today’s Ask the Moms segment on Fox 5 San Diego is for you. Both toddler dilemmas are discussed, as well as the issue facing tweens and teens of sharing social media passwords (yes–kids are sharing their passwords and it’s scary). And for fun, while you’re watching, try to catch the part where I totally

why i loved the ending of gone girl

Why I loved the ending of Gone Girl by Mama Mary Show

I loved the ending of Gone Girl, both the book AND the movie versions (though they really weren’t as different as the media said they were going to be), for several reasons.


First of all,  it’s fiction, far-fetched fiction. Though Amy Elliott Dunne proves to be a certifiable psychopath who, in the real world, should never be able to get away scott-free with such a deranged plan, the ending had to evoke high emotion and drama in order to match the level of crazy in the rest of the book.

When finishing the book I remember thinking, wait, is that it? Is that how it ends? But after more consideration I realized there was not a more perfect ending. Of course they end up together, who else are they going to be with? And how else could it possibly end that fits the characters and the underlying vibe of the book (a BlogHer blogger agrees with me on this one)?

Which leads me to the next point. . .

the new old globe musical bright star has a bright future

Bright Star at the Old Globe

Photo by Joan Marcus

The brand new musical, Bright Star, is indeed a bright star. From note one, the performers and musicians lit up the theater with brilliant talent and depth of character.

I made the assumption before seeing the show that it would be a comedy with Steve Martin at the helm, but we all know what happens when we ass-u-me. Though there were funny, lighthearted, joyful moments, the majority of the show has an emotional, sometimes heavy, undertone that tugs at heartstrings and shines a light on some darker sides of humanity.

Bright Star follows two simultaneous story lines, from two different eras, as they unfold and ultimately converge, just as real life tends to do.

Carmen Cusack, who plays the lead role of Alice Murphy, has a deep richness to her voice that drew me in and didn’t let go. I could listen to her sing for hours on end. The entire blue-grassy, banjo infused score created by Martin and Edie Brickell feels essentially like

pass me the damn good coffee, twin peaks is coming back

25 years later, Twin Peaks comes back for a third season in 2016

Long before binge watching on Netflix became a “thing,” my college girlfriends and I binge watched all the Twin Peaks episodes + the movie in record-setting time. We would huddle together on a beaten up couch in the middle of my Twin Peaks episodes + the movie Fire Walk With Me in record-setting time. We would huddle together on a beaten up couch in the middle of my bestie’s Isla Vista home every day after classes, and watch episode after episode of the cult classic that lost its life way too early (the second season was cancelled mid-way through).

It could’ve been called Trippy Peaks because, like whoa man, like double rainbows all the way, this show made you feel like you were on something, even if you weren’t, but in the very best way possible.

I’ve already blogged about the lead character, Special Agent Dale Cooper (played perfectly by Kyle MacLachlan) as being the very best male character that TV has ever seen, and the thought of seeing him back on my TV screen, alongside Bobby, the Log Lady, and all the other colorful characters excites me to no end.

After all these years, why am I talking about seeing Dale Cooper again? Because I saw THIS video on YouTube yesterday:

Amazing and crazy, right?!?!!?

Yes, Twin Peaks is set to come out for a third season in

best apps for road trips

5 Must Have Apps for Road trips

Good apps make the world go around. Or they can at least make nearly every situation easier. Here is a list of some of my favorite apps that come in handy in my life frequently, particularly on road trips.

1. WAZE — Waze is a user fueled map app, as in users can report their speed in traffic, accidents and other road issues. It is spot on, to the minute, about what time you will arrive at your destination and you can program it to be narrated by a celebrity like Kevin Hart or Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, Terry Crews.

2. AROUND ME —  Looking for an ATM, Starbucks or dry cleaners? Use this app to locate the nearest spots.

3. AKINATOR THE GENIE — On a road trip, at a party, in line for a coaster at a theme park–this guy is your man to make time pass and entertain the entire family.

4. SHAZAM — This music identifying app has been around forever, but it amazes me how

check out the blue man group at the san diego civic theater

Blue Man Group Review

For years I’ve been hearing about the Blue Man Group phenomenon and finally, last night, I got to experience it for myself. My girls and I received some comp tickets to the show at the San Diego Civic Theater,  and it’s only playing only through this Sunday. We laughed our way through the entire show and have not stopped asking questions and thinking about it since leaving the theater.

Before the Blue Men even come on stage, the show begins with a bit of clever audience interaction which gets the crowd involved and cracking up from the get-go.

Then the percussion begins and for an hour and forty minutes the audience gets to play